This week have some fun.  Have you ever opened up a box of chocolate with out a list to tell you what is in the box?  How about getting your local win...View Details

This week Dian reminds us that a good wine does not need to be expensive.  

Water and Wine

This week Tim and Diane talk about the importance of introducing drinking water when enjoying a few glasses of wine. 

Come Fly With Me

This week we talk about strange things Diane does with her wine before she goes on a trip.  Do you have any strange rituals when it comes to wine?   d...View Details

As we try to reduce our carbon footprint in the world, is the glass wine bottle one of those things that should change?  This week Tim and Diane discu...View Details

Australia Wines

You can find wine from all over the world, and this podcast has listeners from all over the world.  This week Tim and Dian talk about the wines from d...View Details

UBFree Drops

Are you someone that gets a headache after drinking one glass of wine?  this week Tim and Diane talk about the product from New Zeland call UBFree, th...View Details

All About Port

This week Tim and Diane talk about Port.  They sample three different ones Ruby, Madeira, and Tawny.  The most popular time to serve Port is after din...View Details

This week Tim and Diane chat about having food with your wine.     Drop us an email to 

Eisch Wine Glass Test

This week Tim and Diane, along with special guest Kathy, try using the AMAZING Eisch wine glasses.  Using these glasses truly does make the wine bette...View Details

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